Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey guys, it's your beloved little sister/daughter/aunt. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'm currently homeless and my computer is being stored at a friend's house. I'll have to post some pics of my trip to Northern California and Tahoe when I get it up and running again. I had a great trip out to Sacramento to see Zoob and help him move back to Utah for school. We visited with Uncle Dave and the kids. We also got to attend the Sacramento Temple open house. We backpacked at a place called Point Reyes, really unique, beautiful coast north of San Francisco. We also went to a Dodgers-Giants game. Unfortunately I had to endure torment from the stupid fans since that was the only game we lost in the Frisco series and I was sporting my True Blue pride. I didn't hesitate to remind them who was leading the NL West amidst their verbal abuse. It was Zoob's first MLB game and he absolutely loved it. I told him that not all games carry that much rivalry, but it does make it quite a bit more fun. We drove home to Utah through Tahoe and were able to spend a day at the lake and a couple nights with the Greenman's. As always, it was great to see them. For anyone who hasn't been up there recently, you should make the trip, they are superb hosts, good cooks, and more laid back than they get credit for! haha. Thanks again Kim. I hope everyone else is doing well, good luck to all the kids going/gone back to school!

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