Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my many domestic travels

Emilie made an awesome sign for the game!

Monte and i adventured all over the ASU campus, we even took climbed to the "A" on the hill above Sun Devil Stadium!

Dad, Jacob, and Andrew @ the BYU game

hi family. i've been all over the place since my lifeguarding job ended about a month ago. i went to arizona to visit scott and shellie (and to see the dodgers vs. d-backs) and to joshua tree national park. i also went to new york/boston/philadelphia/DC for about a week and a half. a bunch of the fam was in vegas two weekends ago to watch my alma mater beat UNLV in football. after vegas, i went to death valley national park and mammoth on my way up to visit the greenmen for a few days. they were kind enough to take me in on only a few hours notice (thanks again kim!). after carson city, i drove over to berkeley, where one of my best friends from high school, analisa, now attends college. i was going to extend the trip a bit but the california wildfires kind of forced me to rearrange my driving plans (what with all the road closures). anyways, there's an abbreviated version of my itinerary, and here are some fun photos! love you all, b

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Sasha said...

Hey Cous!
What great pics! When are you heading south of the border? We're thinking of having another cousin reunion the second Sunday in November, if you happen to be in the neighborhood? Keep us posted on your adventures. I'm so glad you're posting pictures of everyone. I can't believe Kims boys are so big! love you!