Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turns out Orange County is more dangerous than Guatemala...

Andrew by a cathedral in Antigua

Dad was relieved that i came home...

...although he didn't know what to think of Jose, my new boyfriend!

look Mom, i even went to church (in a tank top and a tie-dye skirt!)

passing the travel bible onto Danny-- can you believe 3 Nielsons in Guatemala in less than a month? what are the chances?!

Volcan Pacaya, unfortunately this is the only pic we have from the hike :(

@ Tikal, the famous Mayan ruins

cliff jumping in Lake Atitlan, in case you can't identify me without the head, this is a picture of B; Andrew cut my head off


Sasha said...

Glad to see you and Andrew on your trip. Are you back? I've been thinking about you! Take Care,

Skyler & Elise said...

Wow! Your trip looks like it was amazing! I hope you have more pictures to show!

Bradley L. Hill said...

Wow! Been there, but haven't done that!