Wednesday, January 30, 2008

B @ work

hey fam, i thought i'd post a bunch of photos from ski patrol up so you could all see and know what i do all day. i love my job!

this first shot was taken on a super pretty day a couple weeks ago. there was a crazy inversion going on (when the valleys are really gross and overcast and the mountains are above it all, so it's gorgeous and sunny)

this is a bomb that we use in avalanche control work. it's a 2- pound hand charge. (it doesn't have any cap or fuse attached to it in this photo, it's not yet assembled)

this is one of my favorite dogs. they are super fun to work with and we do drills all the time to keep their searching skills sharp

i broke a ski last week and i was super bummed. hopefully i can get it replaced for free or cheap. i was going too fast in a bumpy, deep section and took a pretty bad tumble. i'm glad it was my ski and not my leg!

this is when AirMed (one of the emergency care helicopters in Utah) came to do some training. if an injury is severe enough, we will actually call AirMed or Life Flight to land on the resort and fly the patient to a trauma center hospital

another pretty day

all 3 of our avalanche rescue dogs: Mick, Oakley, & Chloe

this vid shows me igniting a 4-lbs air blast. it was my first time doing a double (we usually only do 2-pounders) and also my first time throwing the tomahawk. usually they are not attached to sticks like this.

this video shows the results of the bomb i threw; a pretty decent sized avalanche, you can't see much with the picture quality but it ran probably a good 1/2 mile down the chute


Tristan said...

Love the videos. Looks like fun work.

Tristan said...

Oh, Can you add a link to the cousins blogs so we can catch up with what everyone is doing?

Sasha said...

Thanks for telling us all about ski patrol! When the kids come in from shoveling (11" and still falling) I 'll show them the video!
Love You!

PS Did Kim ask you about the letter to G-ma and picture?

Skyler & Elise said...

Wow. Kristina in action! Love seeing nice snow up there. We are going to Mammoth again this weekend.

Bradley L. Hill said...

You look so professional! I can't believe I'm related to someone who has such an exciting life! We have been studying avalanches at school. I wish the school district would allow uTube in the classrooms.