Sunday, March 02, 2008

supporting the cause

well, since no one else in my immediate family seems to have caught on to blogging, i guess i'll continue to carry the weight of our nielson family blog by publishing most of the posts. some people had asked about blogs of extended family members, i don't know how to permanently put a link on the side bar, but here they are if you're interested: (cousin Seth's-- one of my personal favs) (Brad & Lupe) (cousin Karen & her husband) (cousin Scott & his family) (okay they're not family, but Robin (formerly Salas) just had her baby, if you wanna see some photos of the little guy)

Most of the David and Brad Hills are represented here. Not sure if Uncle Al & Aunt Kate, or Aunt Dianne are into the blogging thing, but let me know if they have pages! I don't want to leave anyone out due to ignorance. maybe seeing how good some of our family blogs are, you'll be inspired to post something! in the mean time, i put some old random photos up, beware some of them are a few years old! some of the grandkids look a lot younger in these, and some of the uncles (not mentioning any names- Andrew) look a few lbs lighter. haha. love, b

i absolutely love this pic of Christian at Lake Tahoe, this is from a couple summers ago, i went to visit them when i was living in Elko

Kathleen, Aunt Dianne, and me just this past Thanksgiving '07

Classic shot of Grant at the Imperial Beach Reunion, i believe July of '05

cute shot of Scott and Monte at a Dodgers Game, summer '05

the seldom seen Danny, Thanksgiving '06


Elise said...

Go to layout and you can add stuff like friends blog links.

LaVonne said...

Hey Now Kristina, long time no see or hear from. You look good. Keep up the blogging. And next time you are in Arizona, Mesa call me. We'll do lunch/dinner. Love ya

Sasha said...

Thank you for representing the Nielson's in cyberspace! I love the pic. of you and Kathleen and Dianne.